Yoga & Movement

Yoga & Movement

Yoga, Martial Arts, and other physical activities for a healthy lifestyle.

Yoga & Movement
  • Radiance Yoga + Sacred Sound Healing w/ Deeann Mahoney

    1 season

    Practice a heart opening vinyasa class at home and Indulge your senses with these Radiance Yoga and Sacred Sound Healing classes. Heal your body and float into meditative harmony with Deeann and sister sound healer Valianna's guided hour long meditation.

    As a global yoga warrior and servant to ...

  • Restorative Beginning Ballet Barre with Susan Southard

    1 season

    Join us for this twelve part beginning restorative Cecchetti-style ballet barre series. Offering basic skills and terminology with an introduction to Cecchetti-Style Technique. Learn together with fellow students, the old-school techniques that were taught to the masters of dance, designed to res...

  • Flowing Combat w/ Gary Rommel

    1 season

    This series of classes will focus on the most effective stand-up self-defense methods regardless of style, & teaches optimal biomechanics and fighting physics usage.

    Two person fighting and tactile sensitivity drills, joint locks/breaks and manipulations, throwing methods, fighting methods and...

  • Season Twelve - If You Control Your Mind You Control the Universe

    24 items

    We can understand thru our mind that the quantum theory of the universe works. There is a single light that animates everything. Imagine living in that consciousness where you perceive that with every breath. That’s how you live your life. When you eat something, you’re actually eating that c...

  • Gentle Pilates with Penelope Shure

    1 season

    The exercises that I teach are my way of staying as close to the integrity of the classical Pilates repertoire with the addition of safety modifications necessary when teaching special populations. In my case, special populations begin with people who have been diagnosed with low bone density and...

  • Sound Healing Yoga with Kathy Muller

    1 season

    Join us for Kathy Muller's immersive Sound Healing course. For this class she will be utilizing singing bowls to amplify the experience. Yoga bricks and straps will also be used.

  • Breathe Life Into Your Body w/ Domini Anne

    "Breathe Life in to your Body", Hosted by Domini Anne at Wave Street Studios and live on Wave Street Live , with accompanying plant generated music by Nico Georis

    "The 'Breathe Life in to Your Body' series gives you the tools you need to unwind tension through internal movement, while sculpting ...

  • Medical Qigong w/ Dr. Philip Yang

    1 season

    We are extremely fortunate to be blessed by the visiting presence of Dr. Philip Yang, founder of Nine Star University and developer of the Yuan Gong method of Qigong.

    Dr. Yang graduated from a local Normal Institute in China and possesses a master's and doctor’s degree of Oriental Medicine in th...