Wave Street Live - New Releases

Wave Street Live - New Releases

Enjoy a treasure trove of bonus content and engage with new classes added from Wave Street Live, the live window into all of the amazing classes that take place at Wave Street Studios.

Wave Street Live - New Releases
  • Restorative Ballet Barre with Susan Southard Ep. 2

    Restorative Cecchetti inspired ballet with Susan Southard. Enjoy today's 2nd of twelve scheduled classes with Susan and fellow students as they learn the Cecchetti ballet restorative technique for dancers and athletes.
    Enrico Cecchetti was brought into the Ballet Russe dance company to teach danc...

  • Restorative Ballet Barre with Susan Southard Ep. 1

    Restorative Cecchetti inspired ballet with Susan Southard. Enjoy this free twelve part series with Susan and fellow students as they learn the Cecchetti ballet restorative technique for dancers and athletes.

  • Keith Batlin and The Guidance Band Live from Monterey

    Keith Batlin and The Guidance Band performed live in Monterey to raise awareness for the people of Haiti and the victims of hurricane Ida. Enjoy soulful reggae music played by Keith Batlin, Ryan Brandvold, Darren Thomas and Eric Wylie.
    Broadcast live Sept. 12 2021 from Wave Street Studios, Monte...

  • Restorative Yoga Flow with Jen Seregos

    Heart- opening and deep mind- body connecting restorative yoga flow with Jen Seregos, This 45- minute practice is a perfect way to ease into the evening, relax, de-stress, and give your body the gift of movement and breath. Live music to set the tone.

    To check out Jen's website, go to: www.jenh...

  • How to be an Ally hosted by Womens March CSUMB

    Movie + 1 extra

    Join the live studio audience and revisit Episode 8 of RESISTANCE TV on Wave Street Live! How to be an Ally was hosted by Women's March CSUMB. You want to help but are you? Listen to the panel discuss and learn what it actually means to be a good ally. Inform yourself with the insights of these...

  • Community Power Interview with Center for Climate Protection

    In this interview, Daniel Brodell-Lake, host of sustainable series "The Critical Path," at Wave St Studios, interviews Woody Hastings of the Center for Climate Protection. We cover the development of Community Choice Energy (CCE), which is coming online in the next year in the Tri-County area, S...

  • David Molk - Tibetan Chant w/ Captions

    David Molk performs his translation of a traditional Tibetan chant

  • Day Without a Woman

    On International Women's Day, women and our allies will act together for equity, justice and the human rights of women, through a one-day strike demonstration of economic solidarity. Join us for an interactive panel discussion on the oppression and devaluation of women in America.

    - K...

  • The Love of Vegetarian Cooking with Abha Sharma - Poha

    Join Aba Sharma for a cooking class where techniques of vegetarian cooking will be demonstrated. Learn how to prepare Poha, or flattened chipped rice, a traditional North Indian dish.

    Indian vegetarian cooking is filled with variety—exotic spices, countless choices of vegetables, and an endles...

  • The Love of Vegetarian Cooking with Abha Sharma - Split Pigeon Lentils

    Indian vegetarian cooking is filled with variety—exotic spices, countless choices of vegetables, and an endless range of preparations—passed down from generation to generation.

    Abha Sharma learned the art of cooking from her family as an integral part of living a devotional lifestyle. Mixing tra...

  • The Healing Conversation Ep.1

    Movie + 1 extra

    The Healing Conversation (THC) is a built on 5 Pattern Interrupting questions that open a portal to a new
    perspective, specifically revealing what we believe about ourselves and others. In this first session we
    will introduce the 5 questions and set a context for a deeper dive in Part 2.

  • The Healing Conversation Ep.2: Practical Uses

    Movie + 1 extra

    The Healing Conversation creates a neutral space for exploring our biases without shame, blame or
    gamesmanship. We will explore the practical uses of this healing framework in personal growth,
    community cohesion, and world peace.

  • The Healing Conversation Ep. 3: A New Story is Beckoning

    Movie + 1 extra

    We are reaching a collective choice point about the kind of world we want to
    exist in. Do we continue down the path of mutual destruction, over-consumption, and species
    extinction, or are we ready to explore a path that aligns with our own enlightened self-interest?

  • Women's March at CSUMB presents "Hear Our Voice"

    Women's March at CSUMB hosted an interactive panel discussion about the racial divide in America, in response to the 2017 Charlottesville attacks. Join us in pursuit of understanding the goals of the revitalized white nationalist movement, and more importantly, how to stop it.

    - Reg...

  • The Blue Mind Experience

    7 videos

    This is Blue Mind Life’s first offering of an intensive multi-day workshop. It is unique, immersive and unlike any other workshop you've participated in.

    Explore and experience the value of healthy water, waterways and oceans first hand.
    Learn from world-class, leading researchers and practition...

  • Big Sur Zen presents "Living Love"

    5 videos

    Big Sur Zen offers a five-part workshop on the importance of love, and how to make it an essential part of our everyday lives. We will learn how to connect with our hearts and express that love, to those around us as well as ourselves. Participants will be led through yoga, massage, & journal-wr...

  • Dialog & Effect - Climate Panel Discussion & Community Presentation

    3 videos

    A community discussion on the state of climate change, energy policy, cultural memes on personal responses to climate and environment, with an international panel of journalists, academics and artists. Discussion followed by dance performance, moving meditation and live music at Wave Street Studi...

  • What's Your Story? - A Women's Monologue Workshop with Pat Hanson Ph.D.

    1 season

    “Healing begins when we are witnessed. Listening with love validates another. Story is the gateway to creation of all kinds.‘’

    Do you sometimes think you have something to say that others might identify with, be inspired by? Or something so painful or outrageous you’d like to lighten it up with ...

  • Andy Caffrey's "Clear the Coasts of Nuclear Power"

    A Humboldt County resident, Caffrey has been sounding the alarm since his 1998 Earth Island Journal article that global warming is disintegrating the West Antarctic Ice Sheet and that total collapse of WAIS will cause twenty feet of rapid global sea level rise this century. (http://andycaffrey.or...

  • Gentle Pilates with Penelope Shure

    1 season

    The exercises that I teach are my way of staying as close to the integrity of the classical Pilates repertoire with the addition of safety modifications necessary when teaching special populations. In my case, special populations begin with people who have been diagnosed with low bone density and...

  • Sacred Chant Concert with Harnam & Devi broadcast live on Wave Street Live

    Notice: We had a few moments of noise during this broadcast that we are working to repair by 10-2. Live is live! Harnam & Devi deliver their high-vibe music live and straight into your heart. Tune into your light with these powerful mantras and sweet voices.

    A live musical celebration of the S...

  • Sound Healing Yoga with Kathy Muller

    1 season

    Join us for Kathy Muller's immersive Sound Healing course. For this class she will be utilizing singing bowls to amplify the experience. Yoga bricks and straps will also be used.

  • Bear to Witness at Wave Street Studios

    Join us live, Sept. 19th @ 12pm PST for a special acoustic set with Noah Brandt

    A message from Noah:
    "Aloooha family I'm Noah, from Bear to Witness. I am here today to invite you to join me on Saturday for an acoustic session, Live from Wave Street Studios in Monterey, CA! This performance will ...

  • Alignment Sound Healing with Austin Shook

    Join us live for Alignment Sound Healing with Austin Shook,
    Wake up your ability to hear with more than your ears as you bathe in the sounds of singing bowls, the Handpan, flutes, a gong, and much more. You are invited to let go and just be as you receive the harmonies and vibrations washing over...