The Healing Conversation with Edi Osborne

The Healing Conversation with Edi Osborne

The Healing Conversation builds on a foundation of 5 pattern interrupting questions that bridge the “curse of certainty” with the field of “pure potentiality.” The Healing Conversation is a road map for consciousness for individuals and/or groups. The questions are provocative, but not threatening. The questions invite a peaceful inquiry that reveals how fear is driving separation and suffering in the world. Participants are encouraged NOT to try to answer the questions, but to just allow them room to percolate and, in doing so, invite deeper inquiry for each person to sit within the pursuit of their own truth.

According to founder, Edi Osborne, The Healing Conversation first began to emerge when she was a child when she couldn’t reconcile what was happening in her home against what her heart knew was right. Over the years, Edi delved into many religious and non-religious schools of thought in search of deeper understanding of what her heart was informing. In 2014, on the day her mother died, The Healing Conversation began to unfold in specific detail, one question at a time. Each question was critical to Edi’s own healing process. What was a very personal healing dialogue quickly became an important part of Edi’s tool box to help others move forward on their personal healing journey.
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The Healing Conversation with Edi Osborne
  • The Healing Conversation Part 1 - Introduction

    The Healing Conversation (THC) is a built on 5 Pattern Interrupting questions that open a portal to a new
    perspective, specifically revealing what we believe about ourselves and others. In this first session we
    will introduce the 5 questions and set a context for a deeper dive in Part 2.

  • The Healing Conversation Part 2: Practical Uses

    The Healing Conversation creates a neutral space for exploring our biases without shame, blame or
    gamesmanship. We will explore the practical uses of this healing framework in personal growth,
    community cohesion, and world peace.

  • The Healing Conversation Ep. 3: A New Story is Beckoning

    We are reaching a collective choice point about the kind of world we want to
    exist in. Do we continue down the path of mutual destruction, over-consumption, and species
    extinction, or are we ready to explore a path that aligns with our own enlightened self-interest?

  • The Healing Conversation- Part 4: Healing Supremacy

    Supremacy is the dark side of separation. In this session, Edi will share her personal journey to healing the religious supremacy model of thinking that was a big part of her life for 35 years.

    We’ll explore:
    - How supremacy in all forms, perpetuates suffering in the world
    - The hidden pockets o...