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Watch this video and more on Wave Street Live

Strengthening the Solar Plexus

Season Nine - Prosperity • 1h 5m

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  • Stability on the Earth Plane

    In the realm of truth is where the true essence lives, the real thing. All the archetypes of consciousness, the god and goddess, Indris, Shiva’s, all the different aspects of god consciousness, whatever philosophy or religion that you wish to use as your mythology. In this realm is where this my...

  • The Neutrality of Consciousness

    Live for each other, or you live at each other. When we support each other and we inspire each other. That goes for everyone, there is no one that is better or worse. We all struggle in this human form. Everyone has similar problems and similar blessings. You can be a king one minute and be ...

  • Experiencing Infinity in this Body

    It’s never what you do in life, it’s the consciousness you bring to it, and it’s how you do it. Whatever you are doing in this life take the time to remember your breath. At that moment that you remember your breath you overcome lifetimes of darkness. Just a few long deep breaths, centering yo...