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Watch this video and more on Wave Street Live

Opening the Heart

Season Nine - Prosperity • 53m

Up Next in Season Nine - Prosperity

  • Balancing Sun and Moon Energies

    There are the lazes and there are the crazies and somewhere in the middle is where you need to be. So don’t be lazy but don’t be a fanatic. Find that middle path that gives you a balanced joyful life. And remember in each breath, place yourself on that infinite horizon where there is no mother...

  • Prosperity

    This body has the potential to tune itself to the infinite. Most beings stay tuned to the lower centers. But it’s always an infinite universe and that infinity is just beyond your breath. Sooner or later you’ll have to greet it. You can only hide for so long and this body will drop away and you’l...

  • Working on the Glandular System

    As a yogi make yourself visible on a horizon of infinity. Place yourself on that endless horizon where time itself does not exist, where space goes into the horizon itself and its just you in this human form filled with light and radiance and all around you is beauty and consciousness.