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Watch this video and more on Wave Street Live

Working on the Archetype Positions of Energy Flow yoga from Kundalini Live

Season Eleven - Infinite Possibilities • 1h 9m

Up Next in Season Eleven - Infinite Possibilities

  • Probing The Space Between The Breath

    What state of consciousness can cross that threshold between wake and dream, between conscious and subconscious? What self-ego state can cross that space and still be you. What form of awareness crosses that infinite boundary? But somehow that ego has to be tuned into the infinite. Control thi...

  • Be What Makes You Happy

    Kundalini yoga starts with the biology of our human form. An engaged, practiced and energized body is critical for doing the hard work of evolving beyond apathy and limitation. We are here to reset our code through repetition and the blessings of consciousness to our natural higher state of being.

  • It's Always Back to Your Breath from ...

    Breath is the guide, the guru. Breath carries you into this infinite space. It allows you to be centered and allows you to be connected with your body and mind. So, it’s always back to your breath, long and deep. Walking in the mind of God, walking in the mind of the infinite consciousness where ...