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Watch this video and more on Wave Street Live

Up Next in Season Eight - The Grace of Consciousness

  • The Technology of Yoga

    This is an energizing class focused on the bandhas, or body locks. These locks direct the prana and apana, the generative and eliminating energies. With continuing, deepening practice of the bandhas, the body systems are cleansed, restored, and refined through this circulation of kundalini energy

  • The Practical Application of God Cons...

    Find a way to be comfortable and healthy in your body without being fanatic. Find a way to be graceful in your life without being crazy. Find a way to be religious without religion. Find a discipline that you can relate to that gives you peace and joy that’s yours alone. We respect each other as ...

  • Creating an Avatar

    Creating a personality construct, an avatar, is what this class is about. It’s a narrative that you continually and consistently embed in your life and everything that you do, and that becomes who you are. This vector gets created and as you fall into this void, conscious-subconscious, and as you...