Flowing Combat with Gary Rommel

Flowing Combat with Gary Rommel

This series of classes will focus on the most effective stand-up self-defense methods regardless of style, & teaches optimal biomechanics and fighting physics usage.

Two person fighting and tactile sensitivity drills, joint locks/breaks and manipulations, throwing methods, fighting methods and principles, weapons disarming / retention, adrenal response training, fight scenario drills, and more.

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Flowing Combat with Gary Rommel
  • Lesson 1

    How to stand, basic structure, first bridging technique and counter attack to round haymaker punch. Attacks are practiced from both left and right punches. Basic throw. “The sweep” motion that can take down a persons guard, intercept punches, or, block a single punch and then palm strike attack. ...

  • Lesson 2

    Standing and basic bridge, “the plow,” using the sweep against a straight punch. Push-hands. Punching introduction.

  • Lesson 3

    “The Plow” bridge to block a punch (inside and outside version). Using the BOB bag to practice strikes. Blocking a lower-punch. “The wedge” punch intercept/attack method. Kick to the knee introduced. Push-hands, strike, and application practice.

  • Lesson 4

    Review of a few of the bridges - wedge, plow, inside/outside, with applications. Sparring gear introduced, and basic controlled gear-work started. The gear enables to the students put more speed and pressure intro their methods and simulated attacks. Applications including throws, joint manipul...

  • Lesson 5

    The hinge, also the Plow to block/strike, practice on BOB, the wedge to stop a punch/attack. Tactile sensitivity drill, (single push hands). Double palm striking drill. Double push-hands, inside/outside rotation. Inside plow with lower kick to intercept a punch.

  • Lesson 6

    Review and practice of bridging / punch intercept methods-”The Plow” and “the wedge”. Discussion on standing and positional guidelines for fighting. BOB (Body Opponent Bag) striking practice. Single Push-hands.

  • Lesson 8

    Practice weapon disarming using replica guns. Wedging drill with throws and joint-locks. Wedging into a rear-vascular neck restraint. Wrist control with double push drill. (adding strikes, 360 degree movement).

  • Lesson 9

    De-escalation methods & different ranges for fighting. Choking & throwing methods.

  • Lesson 11

    Vertical motion drill w/ BOB practice. Kick to the knee while blocking a punch. Blocking high and low punches. Two person practice. Punch intercept with takedown. Waving hands drill. Arm bar take-down.