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Strengthening Your Self-Awareness

Kundalini Basics • 59m

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  • Balance

    This class is on balance, balancing the subtle body, the physical body, balancing the pranic flow of life force within the body. We're not the personality, its the inner light that we relate to in each and every person, so don't let your mind wander, with each inhale, follow it all the way to...

  • And Your Kundalini Rises

    In Kundalini Yoga we gather the pranic energy, the life force, then we direct it up the spine. We seal off the lower centers then the energy rises, then we open up the heart center, the throat center, the third eye and ultimately the crown chakra, the thousand petal lotus. As you concentrate on ...

  • Beauty Through Radiance

    In this class you’ll practice sealing off the lower triangle, sealing off the sexual center, sealing off the center of power, pulling up the energy from the Muladhara Chakra. Learning to have control over the lower centers is the first and most prime example of what you have to do. If you don’t...