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Up Next in Flowing Combat with Gary Rommel

  • Lesson 3

    “The Plow” bridge to block a punch (inside and outside version). Using the BOB bag to practice strikes. Blocking a lower-punch. “The wedge” punch intercept/attack method. Kick to the knee introduced. Push-hands, strike, and application practice.

  • Lesson 4

    Review of a few of the bridges - wedge, plow, inside/outside, with applications. Sparring gear introduced, and basic controlled gear-work started. The gear enables to the students put more speed and pressure intro their methods and simulated attacks. Applications including throws, joint manipul...

  • Lesson 5

    The hinge, also the Plow to block/strike, practice on BOB, the wedge to stop a punch/attack. Tactile sensitivity drill, (single push hands). Double palm striking drill. Double push-hands, inside/outside rotation. Inside plow with lower kick to intercept a punch.