Limited Pre-Release

Limited Pre-Release

A collection of free and subscriber only content from Wave Street Live in Monterey. Classes workshops and events are hosted at Wave Street Studios in Monterey and beautifully live streamed free to the world on our Wave Street Live channels. Healing is energy work and we are here to share each moment as it unfolds before our cameras and our eyes.

Limited Pre-Release
  • Perseverance
    Movie + 1 extra


    Movie + 1 extra

    When you practice kundalini yoga it is important that you remain precise in your consciousness. Just a slight fluctuation in your energy can have strange consequences. When the kundalini consciousness comes upon you and the infinity is there, the universe is there, you may find it frightening per...

  • Season Twelve - If You Control Your Mind You Control the Universe

    22 videos

    We can understand thru our mind that the quantum theory of the universe works. There is a single light that animates everything. Imagine living in that consciousness where you perceive that with every breath. That’s how you live your life. When you eat something, you’re actually eating that c...

  • Haiti Relief Live Stream with Keith Batlin and Guidance Band - Part 7

    Wave Street Studios is proud to present Keith Batlin and The Guidance Band in an effort to bring awareness to the ongoing crisis in Haiti. Join us live for two hours of roots reggae and hear selections from the band's second album "Good Life". Aligned with themes of love, togetherness, and soulfu...

  • 10 Minute Yoga for Courage with Nihal Kaur

    Build confidence and move past barriers with this short set from Nihal's "Courage to Stand for Your Dreams" class.

  • Restorative Yoga Flow with Jen Seregos

    Heart- opening and deep mind- body connecting restorative yoga flow with Jen Seregos, This 45- minute practice is a perfect way to ease into the evening, relax, de-stress, and give your body the gift of movement and breath. Live music to set the tone.

    To check out Jen's website, go to: www.jenh...

  • Big Sur Zen presents "Living Love"

    5 videos

    Big Sur Zen offers a five-part workshop on the importance of love, and how to make it an essential part of our everyday lives. We will learn how to connect with our hearts and express that love, to those around us as well as ourselves. Participants will be led through yoga, massage, & journal-wr...