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Limited Pre-Release

Watch new Kundalini Live classes before they are available to the general public. Your subscription makes it possible for us to invite a global audience to our free weekly livestream, enabling people all around the world to have access to this beautiful, life-changing experience.

Limited Pre-Release
  • Find the Difference Between the Mind and Yourself

    Movie + 1 extra

    By practicing this yoga, you will raise your energy. Whatever you wish for in life it will probably come true. The idea is to create a personality that can deal with the latent tendencies of our personality so that they don’t become destructive, so you’re not totally impaired by them. Its rem...

  • How to be an Ally hosted by Womens March CSUMB

    Movie + 1 extra

    Join the live studio audience and revisit Episode 8 of RESISTANCE TV on Wave Street Live! How to be an Ally was hosted by Women's March CSUMB. You want to help but are you? Listen to the panel discuss and learn what it actually means to be a good ally. Inform yourself with the insights of these...

  • David Molk - Tibetan Chant w/ Captions

    David Molk performs his translation of a traditional Tibetan chant

  • Dialog & Effect - A Climate Change Panel Discussion, part 2

    A community discussion on the state of climate change, energy policy, cultural memes on personal responses to climate and environment, with an international panel of journalists, academics and artists. Discussion followed by dance performance, moving meditation and live music at Wave Street Studi...

  • 10 Minute Yoga with Nihal Kaur

    Build confidence and move past barriers with this short set from Nihal's "Courage to Stand for Your Dreams" class.

  • Big Sur Zen - "Living Love" part 3

    When we use blocks & blankets for yoga, they act as support for us to open up. In partners yoga, we get to be that support for each other. It teaches us to trust ourselves, and then extend that trust to our partners to make the moves possible. We also learn that we always have support from other...