Limited Pre-Release

Limited Pre-Release

A collection of free and subscriber only content from Wave Street Live in Monterey. Classes workshops and events are hosted at Wave Street Studios in Monterey and beautifully live streamed free to the world on our Wave Street Live channels. Healing is energy work and we are here to share each moment as it unfolds before our cameras and our eyes.

Limited Pre-Release
  • Vitality and Healing

    Movie + 1 extra

    Trying to find that bridge to your super conscious mind, trying to find the way to cross over, thru the dream state, when you lose consciousness, thru the chaotic area of the dream state, into the realms of consciousness where you can actually be, traveling to the astral realms and beyond. Remem...

  • Climate Change: Causes, Effects and Solutions

    6 items

    Climate Change: Causes, Effects and Solutions. A Six-Part 2022 Lecture Series Presented by Mike Clancy Former Technical and Scientific Director Fleet Numerical Meteorology and Oceanography Center. There is an overwhelming international scientific consensus on the following three points:

  • Restorative Yoga Flow with Jen Seregos

    Heart- opening and deep mind- body connecting restorative yoga flow with Jen Seregos, This 45- minute practice is a perfect way to ease into the evening, relax, de-stress, and give your body the gift of movement and breath. Live music to set the tone.

    To check out Jen's website, go to: www.jenh...

  • Ep.10 Traditional West African Drum Class with Abdoulaye Diallo

    Traditional West African Drum Classes:
    Learn the ancient rhythms that have been played for a thousand years in West Africa as a way of communicating, celebrating, and gathering. Drumming gives us a way to collaborate, to feel a sense of accomplishment, teamwork, creativity, and some say “spiritua...

  • Restorative Beginning Ballet Barre with Susan Southard

    1 season

    Join us for this twelve part beginning restorative Cecchetti-style ballet barre series. Offering basic skills and terminology with an introduction to Cecchetti-Style Technique. Learn together with fellow students, the old-school techniques that were taught to the masters of dance, designed to res...

  • Being in the Place of Seeing the Infinite

    Movie + 1 extra

    Place yourself in the state of consciousness where you’re breathing for the whole universe. Each breath is the breath of the universe itself. Let the consciousness that surrounds you breathe for you. Be aware of it, be conscious and let your breath become part of that universal breath.

  • Lit / Music Episode 1

    Thursday, July 7th @ 7 pm
    and Thursday, July 14th @ 7 pm (with special guests)

    Alex Belden, pianist
    Iskandar Soekardi, poet

    about Alex Belden:
    Zen Jazz is the best way to describe Alex Belden’s Solo Piano genre. He looks to the vast infinite universe, listens, then performs an aural translation...

  • Traditional West African Drum Class with Abdoulaye Diallo

    1 season

    Traditional West African Drum Classes: With Master Drummer Abdoulaye Diallo from Monterey California on commercial free Wave Street Live.
    Learn the ancient rhythms that have been played for a thousand years in West Africa as a way of communicating, celebrating, and gathering. Drumming gives us a ...

  • Out and Proud Rainbow Panel

    Wave Street Studios Presents: Out and Proud Rainbow Panel
    Sunday, July 24, 2 – 3:30 PM


  • Yoga for Digestion and Assimilation

    Movie + 1 extra

    In every breath of your life, you have the chance to open up to that inner light. That infinite horizon is always there with every breath. If you can take the time during the hardest part of your day, the part that you’re most distracted, just to take a few long deep breaths and remind yourself...

  • Lit / Music Episode 2

    Lit / Music: Episode 2
    Thursday, July 14th @ 7 pm (with special guest artist, Alex Belden )
    Original Zen Jazz music performed by Alex Belden playing beneath collections of varied poetic iterations read by creative poet and author, Iskandar Soekardi.

    Alex Belden, Guest pianist
    Iskandar Soekardi, ...

  • Bhakti Yoga Immersion with Selby

    Shakti soul yoga collective - by selby
    Jayadeva’s deep soulful music brings grace, beauty and inspiration. 

  • Medical Qigong w/ Dr. Philip Yang - Lesson 4 pt. 1

    1. Meditation and health
    2. Postures
    3. Focus
    4. Yuan Gong Meditation

  • 10 Minute Yoga for Courage with Nihal Kaur

    Build confidence and move past barriers with this short set from Nihal's "Courage to Stand for Your Dreams" class.

  • Big Sur Zen presents "Living Love"

    5 items

    Big Sur Zen offers a five-part workshop on the importance of love, and how to make it an essential part of our everyday lives. We will learn how to connect with our hearts and express that love, to those around us as well as ourselves. Participants will be led through yoga, massage, & journal-wr...