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Watch this video and more on Wave Street Live

Up Next in Kundalini Live Teacher Series Presents: Sukhmandir Singh Khalsa

  • Kundalini Tool Box

    Life itself encourages experimentation. Inquisitiveness is at our core. This class reminds us to seek out and surround ourselves with understanding, compassion and love.. Being alive here on Earth is a gift and opportunity to learn more about ourselves. Kundalini yoga is not a religion, it is ...

  • On the Cutting Edge of Consciousness

    Using this body as a conduit of energy follow your breath. As you breathe in thru both nostrils, fill both the breaths coming in and visualize them to the base of your spine to the Mooladhara assuming that the spinal column is a conduit for this energy. As both breaths meet at the base you visu...

  • Kundalini Yoga and the Healthy Body

    Moving from the physical world to a world without limits is the journey we're on. Maintaining a healthy body is a simple joy and life long goal that supports conscious living. Join us at for more.