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Watch this video and more on Wave Street Live

Up Next in Kundalini Live Teacher Series Presents: Sukhmandir Singh Khalsa

  • Keeping Your Intent of Consciousness ...

    You train your ego, your self-awareness, to be of service to the higher intent of consciousness. You’re walking in your own mind, and that mind when you expand out to the higher centers becomes God itself. This requires that you have a very malleable ego, because your ego as it stands, to get y...

  • Intent of Consciousness

    The bridge between the conscious and sub-conscious mind is the breath. To become a conscious being you have to make the conscious bridge so there is no difference between your conscious actions and your sub-conscious actions. There is no difference between how you act in your dreams and how you...

  • Joy and Source Connection

    Understanding balance is the key to understanding health. Natural systems including human beings are always working to find equilibrium. By letting go we allow our priorities to rearrange themselves and present us with a more balanced blueprint for life.