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Watch this video and more on Wave Street Live

Up Next in Kundalini Live Teacher Series Presents: Sukhmandir Singh Khalsa

  • Finding a Way to Live Gracefully Toge...

    This basic series is all about bringing it back to the breath. Consciously breathe...inhaling Sat exhaling Nam. Center yourself in the breath. Be aware of every inhale and exhale. Control your mind. “Control your mind, change your life.

  • Discerning Intellect of the Yogic For...

    Alignment of the magnetic field and self interpretation of the symptoms of discomfort, redirecting the flow of prana (life force) with Mulbandh, and sealing the lower triangle (locking the first three centers).

  • Creating a Personality That’s Disposable

    The human form becomes a representation of your consciousness and your consciousness is an explorer on that infinite horizon of possibility. Your life becomes that dance of consciousness that’s a sacrifice to that stage of consciousness of the infinite universe. How beautiful and outrageous is...