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Watch this video and more on Wave Street Live

Watch this video and more on Wave Street Live

Up Next in Kundalini Live Teacher Series Presents: Sukhmandir Singh Khalsa

  • Be Conscious of Your Breath

    All martial arts, all the disciplines that give you control over this body, begin and end with the breath, so whatever you do if nothing else you get from this class make it a point to be conscious of your breath. As you do kundalini yoga things will happen to you. You will expand and you will ...

  • Awakening Within the Dream of Life

    Exploring the pathways of energy (consciousness), keeping the intent (love) as the prime directive on this journey. Visualizing the kundalini elevator and opening the chakras (portals) of inter-dimensional awareness! The thousand petal lotus!

  • Aura Expansion

    Balancing mind and body with Pranayama and basic yogic positions. Creating an internal dialogue to promote joy and wonder with an attitude of gratitude. Energizing the kundalini elevator to the 10th gate.