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Watch this video and more on Wave Street Live

Having the Tools for Interdimensional Consciousness

Season Six - "The Awakening Dream" • 54m

Up Next in Season Six - "The Awakening Dream"

  • Opening the Throat Center

    Your job in this life is to hear your own voice, to listen to your own song within. Make that connection. It doesn’t matter what it is, it matters that you listen to it and hear it. By listening to your own breath, your own voice, you make that connection with the eternal sound called the Anah...

  • The Road to Self Discovery

    Everything changes when we view the world through our heart center. When that selflessness within yourself manifests and when your frequency changes passion into compassion. That is when life becomes graceful. That is when we are closest to our true nature.

  • Subduing the Ego

    Ego is the basic operating system for your mind. You must have an ego, you must have a self-awareness and you must also have an operating system that works for your karma; your social obligations for this life. You also must train your ego, because as a yogi, you realize that the ego is not you...