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Philosophy of the Sphere

Season Seven - "Philosophy of the Sphere" • 1h 4m

Up Next in Season Seven - "Philosophy of the Sphere"

  • Oiling the Brain and Opening the Thir...

    Oiling of the brain happens automatically from the upward flow of the bandhas and the eyes looking at the nose. The upward flow of ojas (cerebrospinal fluids) super-lubricates the brain from the inside, opening unexplored cavities in the brain and allowing the Freedom of the Imagination.

  • Expansion and Contraction of Your Aura

    The mechanics of Kundalini yoga are relatively simple. We gather the energy, we visualize the pathway of the energy, we seal off the lower centers so the energy doesn’t get wasted, and then it naturally flows upward. As spiritual beings you have the control and consciousness to conserve the en...

  • Balancing the Masculine and the Feminine

    This is what we do in this life, we share life with each other. When you reach the heart center you live for each other, you are part of each other, there is no difference between this person and you. The pain the joy, it’s shared. You’re still aware of your own body but the consciousness beco...