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Overriding the Time Sequence

Season Seven - "Philosophy of the Sphere" • 1h 7m

Up Next in Season Seven - "Philosophy of the Sphere"

  • Creating Pathways to the Future

    The breath is the main tool to quiet the mind. Once the mind is quiet the vista of the infinite horizon opens up and you start to experience the calling of the life within, and that’s the beloved. That’s what you look for in each other. Once you find the beloved within yourself, you’ll find it...

  • A Multi-Dimensional Narrative

    In the central channel, the Sushumna, is where everything happens. Establishing the visualization and practical application is yoga. We are creating the structural integrity of a visionary consciousness that allows this movement as an elevator thru the chakras. Each chakra has a vibrational frequ...

  • Choose the Narrative Well

    It’s the combination of the biological and psychological programming which need to mesh into some kind of coherent narrative. Set your attributes well, what would you like to have in your life, healthiness, happiness, joy, compassion, shared life, harmony into the future where our children’s chi...