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Intent of Consciousness

Season Three - "Attributes of Consciousness" • 58m

Up Next in Season Three - "Attributes of Consciousness"

  • Probing the Event Horizon

    For homework, explore that place where you fall asleep, and explore it with full vital consciousness. Can you put yourself as close as you can to falling asleep and observe how you can cross over into that sub-conscious realm consciously. This is where meditation begins. Thinking about it, quie...

  • Expansion of the Magnetic Field

    This class is to create a spiritual consciousness. You should learn from everyone, but ultimately you’ll come back to the light within yourself. That is what the guru is. Everything else is just getting to that place where you can take the time and focus and allow yourself to experience who yo...

  • Consistency of Discipline

    Once you have established this spiritual practice to have the consistency in your life, then you can start the process of awakening in this dream. Were all consciousness, were all God, we often say that but most everyone lives in the dream intellectual state of it. We understand the possibility...