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Watch this video and more on Wave Street Live

The Very Least is Health, the Very Most is Enlightenment

Season One - "Becoming Your Sadhana" • 1h 9m

Up Next in Season One - "Becoming Your Sadhana"

  • Waking Ourselves to Infinite Awareness

    In this class we are waking ourselves up to the potential of infinite awareness and of joining in the collective consciousness that we all are one. As you breathe feel the collective breath of the entire planet, feel the breath of every being. This consciousness, that is shared, this life force,...

  • Cleansing the Thymus Gland

    This body is a vehicle for expression of your connection with yourself and your infinite self. There are many doorways or portals in this body that you can access thru yoga. Many possibilities, but most people live in their lower centers. They live in the material world and they don’t have acc...

  • The Longing to Belong

    It’s the longing to belong that motivates the consciousness of all beings. The longing to belong to yourself, to your greater self, to the infinite realms that you came from and the infinite realms that you go to. You have to be explorers in consciousness, fearless, and these infinite horizons ...