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The Longing to Belong

Season One - "Becoming Your Sadhana" • 56m

Up Next in Season One - "Becoming Your Sadhana"

  • How to Know God

    How to you know what to surrender to. How you know what the truth is. Remember the better the counterfeit the closer it is to the truth. The touchstone is your breath and consciousness. When you can still you mind and allow yourself to be immersed in the joy of pure consciousness you’ll recog...

  • Stilling the Thought Waves of the Mind

    The art of yoga is stilling the thought waves of the mind. Everything we do in this class is to that effect. You still the thought waves while you’re conscious, you enter that state of sleep while you’re conscious and you go thru it. You find a way thru that threshold of consciousness and sub-...

  • The Infinite Horizon

    Of all the possibilities of yoga, the focal point of this class is knowing the inner light, how to know the essence of yourself. When you live against the background of the infinite, when that horizon that you look across and see your reflection upon is infinite, never ending. Then you stand as...