Featured Free Classes and Live Streams

Featured Free Classes and Live Streams

Feel the energy and excitement of going to our live studio classes through our high quality multi-camera live production and 1080p live streaming. This rotating selection of free content is a gift from our subscribers and an introduction to some of the great people and programs on our channel.

Featured Free Classes and Live Streams
  • Medical Qigong w/ Dr. Philip Yang - Lesson 3 pt. 2

    Breathing and Healing
    1. Types of Qigong breathing
    2. Accumulating
    3. Supplying
    4. Purifying

  • The Healing Conversation with Edi Osborne

    4 videos

    The Healing Conversation builds on a foundation of 5 pattern interrupting questions that bridge the “curse of certainty” with the field of “pure potentiality.” The Healing Conversation is a road map for consciousness for individuals and/or groups. The questions are provocative, but not threatenin...

  • The Grace to Make Your Soul's Journey

    It’s the power of the rhythm with the breath with the mantra in rhythm with your motion that is the trifecta that makes kundalini yoga so effective. The mudra with rhythm with breath with mantra. The three together catalyze your energy, catalyze you at a cellular level to experience your greatn...

  • Vinyasa Yoga with Casie Fox & Jules Spitzer, Day 1

    Join Casie Fox and Jules Spitzer for a ninety minute Vinyasa yoga flow class.

    We’ll be immersing in nature, laughter, movement and breath to bring you back to your true center - where bliss always resides.

    We honor the Eastern historical roots of Yogic philosophy and practice, the long lineage ...

  • Working on the Archetype Positions of Energy Flow

    Movie + 1 extra

    It’s when you feel the awesome joy of energy coursing thru you with the wonder of consciousness. Then your body assumes certain positions, whether it be dancing or sitting in consciousness, there is a flow of energy that manifests itself on these situations of consciousness which are uplifting. ...

  • Gentle Pilates Pt. 2

    The exercises that I teach are my way of staying as close to the integrity of the classical Pilates repertoire with the addition of safety modifications necessary when teaching special populations. In my case, special populations begin with people who have been diagnosed with low bone density and...