Featured Free Classes and Live Streams

Featured Free Classes and Live Streams

Feel the energy and excitement of going to our live studio classes through our high quality multi-camera live production and 1080p live streaming. This rotating selection of free content is a gift from our subscribers and an introduction to some of the great people and programs on our channel.

Featured Free Classes and Live Streams
  • Joy Bliss and Consciousness

    You have to find the deep reservoir of consciousness that’s beyond the mind that was you before you were born, that was you before you came into this body, that was you before the beginning of time, that has never died. Find that state of consciousness and make that connection. See this life as...

  • Keith Batlin and The Guidance Band Live from Monterey

    Keith Batlin and The Guidance Band performed live in Monterey to raise awareness for the people of Haiti and the victims of hurricane Ida. Enjoy soulful reggae music played by Keith Batlin, Ryan Brandvold, Darren Thomas and Eric Wylie.
    Broadcast live Sept. 12 2021 from Wave Street Studios, Monte...

  • Medical Qigong w/ Dr. Philip Yang - Lesson 3 pt. 2

    Breathing and Healing
    1. Types of Qigong breathing
    2. Accumulating
    3. Supplying
    4. Purifying

  • Vinyasa Yoga with Casie Fox & Jules Spitzer, Day 1

    Join Casie Fox and Jules Spitzer for a ninety minute live Vinyasa yoga flow class.

    We’ll be immersing in nature, laughter, movement and breath to bring you back to your true center - where bliss always resides.

    We honor the Eastern historical roots of Yogic philosophy and practice, the long lin...

  • Gentle Pilates Pt. 2

    The exercises that I teach are my way of staying as close to the integrity of the classical Pilates repertoire with the addition of safety modifications necessary when teaching special populations. In my case, special populations begin with people who have been diagnosed with low bone density and...

  • Dialog & Effect - Dance Performance by Nadine Lollino & Trey Donovan

    A panel discussion and dance performance/participatory movement meditation on the current state of climate science, energy policy, cultural memes and view on climate and environment, with an international panel of journalists, academics and artists. All are invited to participate in the discussi...

  • Restorative Yoga Flow with Jen Seregos

    Heart- opening and deep mind- body connecting restorative yoga flow with Jen Seregos, This 45- minute practice is a perfect way to ease into the evening, relax, de-stress, and give your body the gift of movement and breath. Live music to set the tone.

    To check out Jen's website, go to: www.jenh...

  • Lesson 1

    How to stand, basic structure, first bridging technique and counter attack to round haymaker punch. Attacks are practiced from both left and right punches. Basic throw. “The sweep” motion that can take down a persons guard, intercept punches, or, block a single punch and then palm strike attack. ...

  • How to be an Ally hosted by Womens March CSUMB

    Movie + 1 extra

    Join the live studio audience and revisit Episode 8 of RESISTANCE TV on Wave Street Live! How to be an Ally was hosted by Women's March CSUMB. You want to help but are you? Listen to the panel discuss and learn what it actually means to be a good ally. Inform yourself with the insights of these...

  • Naomi Charanpal Kaur on Kundalini Live

    Step 1: "The Keep Up Spirit"

    (1) Archer Pose increases one's radiance, aligns our will with our destiny, promotes a grounded, inner strength.

    (2) Pranayam for the Parasympathetic Nervous System creates balance, calm nerves, and the strength to handle challenging situations.

    (3) ...

  • The Grace to Make Your Soul's Journey

    It’s the power of the rhythm with the breath with the mantra in rhythm with your motion that is the trifecta that makes kundalini yoga so effective. The mudra with rhythm with breath with mantra. The three together catalyze your energy, catalyze you at a cellular level to experience your greatn...