Big Sur Zen presents "Living Love"

Big Sur Zen presents "Living Love"

Big Sur Zen offers a five-part workshop on the importance of love, and how to make it an essential part of our everyday lives. We will learn how to connect with our hearts and express that love, to those around us as well as ourselves. Participants will be led through yoga, massage, & journal-writing exercises, offering many means of opening the heart and discovering the love within.

About Big Sur Zen:
Embedded in our ancient purpose and infused into our modern evolution, Big Sur Zen is the catalyst for all things spiritual, physical, and mystical weaved into humanity's layers to reach the highest flight. Our mission is to develop a cultural treasure chest of wisdom and knowledge through which we may harness our everyday experiences to create an intimate connection to universe, earth, self, and others, including but not limited to the authenticity and gratitude of experiencing the moment in its greatest qualitative value.

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Big Sur Zen presents "Living Love"
  • Big Sur Zen - "Living Love" part 1

    We hear it from the time we're small; we can't really love another until we learn to love ourselves. We understand this intellectually, but we don't always know how to embody it. Yoga is both a physical and spiritual practice, and in this workshop we will use it to support your ability to move & ...

  • Big Sur Zen - "Living Love" part 2

    The heart is the ultimate connection between science & the mystical. The power the heart holds is beyond imagination, and unless we tap into that power, our existence & consciousness start to lose meaning. It can act like a mind of its own, and we have the ability to draw boundless love, creativi...

  • Big Sur Zen - "Living Love" part 3

    When we use blocks & blankets for yoga, they act as support for us to open up. In partners yoga, we get to be that support for each other. It teaches us to trust ourselves, and then extend that trust to our partners to make the moves possible. We also learn that we always have support from other...

  • Big Sur Zen - "Living Love" part 4

    Journaling is a powerful practice, and often under-utilized. As we write, the journal becomes a reflection of ourselves - our happiness, our pain, all of our expressions. We face a lot of judgment in our lives, from ourselves as well as others, and the journal is a place free of judgment. It beco...

  • Big Sur Zen - "Living Love" part 5

    There are a lot of reasons that people avoid touch, but it is one of the most important things we can do for one another. Each of us holds a great healing energy that can be passed on to others through touch. This final segment of the workshop will teach us how to touch with the right intention, ...